why hire me? – a' laVie Photography

First, thank you for spending your time on my site.  I am always honored to be considered as the photographer for such an important event.

Most of my clients mention and value the pictures I take that they never saw coming.  On your wedding day, I want to be that comfortable old friend that blends into the background.  A mixture of relaxed portraits and real moments are what you’ll get with my work.  I don’t follow the latest trend in wedding photography because it comes and goes so quickly.  I value those “dreaded” family formals because I know this may be one of the few times everyone is together and looking great. If there is a grandparent anywhere on the premises, my goal is to try and shoot something of them enjoying the day.

I promise to not turn your wedding day into a photo shoot.   My job is to give you something I’ve never shot for someone else but I always want you to love the experience.  Enjoying your wedding day is really my top priority.

When you look at my work, I hope you’ll notice how comfortable and natural it all feels.  I want people to be themselves with the advantage of being shot in great light with nice backgrounds.  That is why you would hire a professional and that is why I hope you’ll consider me.