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I’m Pam Hults, the owner and lead shooter for a’ laVie Photography, and I’ve been a photographer my whole life.  I started in high school and went on to major in photo- journalism at UT.    Working as an editorial photographer was a blast but I knew it wasn’t a forever fit.  When I started shooting weddings, I found that I loved the emotion and beauty a wedding day can bring so I made weddings my full time career.

About the name a’ laVie…  I was a photographer in the New Orleans market when I first started shooting weddings and a’ laVie was a popular toast that meant “To Life!”  Since I’m a photojournalist at heart, I thought it was the perfect name for a photographer wanting to photograph people.  In Texas, I’ve been asked “Who is Al and is he one of your shooters?”  Since I really don’t speak french, I have to laugh because I can see one of MY family members asking the same thing…

I’m also the mom of a teenage boy who makes me laugh and I love it when the house is full of boys that I’ve known since third grade.  His friends call me by my first name and I sometimes think about how cool it will be when they get older and meet that one girl that stops them in their tracks.  I really love weddings and I know I’ll be that mom or friend’s mom that cries and is thrilled at the same time.  It never gets old.